Pavers by Ideal features a wide range of attractive paver shapes that can create engaging patterns and designs that no other paving material can match. The color, shape, pattern, and visual texture of our pavers add charm, vitality, and ambiance to any landscape setting. Pavers are ideal for virtually any type of project - from patios, pool decks, walkways, and driveways to pedestrian plazas, streets, parking lots, and even heavy duty ports! With all the shapes and patterns we offer, you are sure to find the perfect paver for your project.

Our pavers are not only attractive, but also are far more durable than other paving materials, even under heavy loads. Each paver is factory-made on specialized equipment and is delivered to the site ready to be installed. They easily withstand the harsh New England winters and when properly installed, are snow plow safe and resistant to de-icing salts.

Unlike asphalt, cast-in-place concrete, and stamped pattern surfaces, Ideal pavers are a mortarless pavement that remains crack-free. They are unaffected by oil and gas spills, and if necessary, can even be taken up and reinstalled without a trace of an unsightly patch that other paving materials leave behind.

Concrete pavers are easy to install - they do not require cement or mortar and are simply set on a sand bed. They can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer, or we can assist you in obtaining the services of a professional paver contractor. Click on How to Install for detailed guidance on installation.


Although pavers cost more than asphalt, they are not as expensive as you might think. Their long-term durability, superior strength, low maintenance and lasting beauty make them extremely affordable compared to other paving materials.


We manufacture our own pavers! 

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