Pavers by Ideal features a full service hardware store, True Value by Ideal. We have a full selection of soils, mulch, and more! Stop by today to see the full selection.


Landscape contractors will also benefit from a full selection of landscape materials in addition to our full service hardscape yard. Soils, fertilizers, and loam, as well as tools, landscape fabric, and other items are just a few examples of what we have in stock every day!

Looking for a product to edge a patio, walkway, or flower bed?


Curbstone by Pavers by Ideal is the perfect solution for that!


Curbstone features a rustic, time-worn finish that is ideal for edging planters, drives, or walkways. Curbstone is equally attractive with our traditional or tumbled pavers.


Visit for more information, or stop by our showroom to view the display.