Ideal features several step systems for a variety of applications. Our Rockport Step Collection, Chelmsford Steps and Segmental Step designs are available in a variety of colors designed to match or compliment any landscape wall project.

Like our pavers and retaining wall systems, our steps are durable and strong and are designed to withstand the New England winter climate. Made with high-strength concrete, they won't rot or decay and are environmentally friendly. They are factory made and shipped to the site, ready for installation.

The mortarless construction of Ideal step systems allows the units to accommodate
settlement without distress in the wall, permits better drainage and provides resistance to freeze-thaw damage.

As with our pavers, they can be installed by the do-it-yourselfer or we can assist you in obtaining the services of a professional wall contractor. Click on How to Install for specific guidelines.


Ideal landscape steps are very affordable! They cost less than natural stone and are virtually maintenance free for years of easy care and lasting value!


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Looking for the perfect solution for steps? Look at the Chelmsford Step Collection!


Chelmsford Step features two distinct faces. One offers a more traditional form that was typical of splits created using "feathers & wedges" and the opposite face has a more contempoary profile. The units are molded with a hollow bottom and are comprised of a strong, dense concrete that is resistant to freeze-thaw. To avoid surface scaling, sand is recommended for traction control in lieu of deicing chemicals.


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The Rockport™ Step Collection gives you the rugged attractiveness of natural stone but combines it with the safety and comfort of uniform rise. The Rockport™ Step Collection is perfect for free-flowing, natural staircases, as well as formal, sophisticated settings. Stop by our Waltham showroom to view an example of a Rockport™ step!